Monday, January 10

A Brand-New Blogger

Hi blog readers! 
I'm honored that you're viewing my very first post (thanks mom)! I'm excited to tell you what this is all about.

After referencing several blogs in the past year for all kinds of things, including coupons, decorating advice, half-marathon training tips, theological insight, and of course, simple entertainment, I've learned how fun and informative they can be. I'm a long-time facebook junkie, but recently I've been pining for a little more composed thought from my social media. Also, my friends Laura and Jason started a blog and I think it's cool. I think I'll write a post soon on the multitude of things we share in common. : )

This blog will serve the following purposes (and several more, I'm sure):
1. A journal/scrapbook/time capsule to chronicle life's little happenings.
2. An outlet for writing, which used to be a much bigger part of my life.
3. A way to track my goals and my progress toward them.
4. A vehicle for tips and tools that I hope will be helpful to others.
5. A slightly more productive way to unwind than watching TV or getting on facebook.

Most of the blogs I read focus on one special topic, like grocery deals or interior design. Someday, when I have enough exciting things going on to be choosy, I might pick a theme for my blog. But in the meantime, you can expect to see posts about crafty projects, places I go, books I'm reading, things important to my daily life, and mostly, what I'm cooking. You'll notice the box that says "What's Cooking" has links to recipes I'm making this week (unless the recipe isn't online). I'm always on the look-out for recipes with a good recommendation, so I hope that will be a helpful feature to you.

I'll wrap it up for now, but come back soon -- the writing juices are flowing. : )


  1. Hey Angelyn! Blogs are so much fun to read and write, especially when you're snowed in.
    I'll enjoy seeing what you're up to!

  2. Michael was cute and decided I needed a name on my nametag, so he doctored my picture in Paint.

  3. You've got some great information already - I love the "outfit" idea! Keep up the great work!