Tuesday, January 11

Reverse Bucket List

Street food in Shanghai
One of the popular topics for beginning bloggers is a bucket list -- a list of things you want to do before you die. But when you really think about it, most bucket list items fall into one of two categories: goals that you could accomplish immediately if you were willing to put forth the time, effort, or money; and things that are unlikely to happen without a change of circumstances out of your control. I guess I've never had a bucket list because the achievable things I haven't accomplished are ones that I'm half-hearted about, and I've had no lack of unexpected and exciting opportunities. Praise God for the riches of his kindness in giving me so many incredible experiences I never would have thought to put on my list!

At the end of my life, these are a few of the things I'll be glad to have done:

Cenote in Coba, Mexico

Climb the Great Wall of China
Swim in the Dead Sea
Dive in a Mexican cenote (underground lake)
Climb Mayan ruins
Use outhouses on three continents  : )
Be a "nurse" on two medical mission trips
Eat dinner in a bedouin's tent

Clinic in Moldova
Stand on Mount Nebo (where Moses looked over the Promised Land)
Explore an ancient sea castle with my family in Sidon
Hike through alligator-infested waters
Publish two poems
Ride a rickshaw in Beijing
Go snorkling by myself in Playa del Carmen
Eat fried bugs (and lots of other things) in China

Sunset in Byblos, Lebanon
Wade in the Mediterranean Sea
Tour Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, and St. Paul's Cathedral
Play dodgeball at a deaf orphanage in Moldova
Go to church at the Brooklyn Tabernacle
Eat beignets at the Cafe du Monde plenty of times -- I love that place!
Get tingles while playing Battle Hymn in Sanford Stadium

Half-marathon - Oct. 2010

Mud wrestle in a hurricane
Be an extra in a movie
Lose about 70 pounds
Instigate a giant water balloon fight on North Campus
Finish a half-marathon
Become a Registered Dietitian
Marry the best person I know

How about you? What's on your reverse bucket list??


  1. Love it! You're a great blogger! Way to switch things up a bit...

  2. Angelyn, what a joy to read! You have yet another God given talent, writing. Keep up the good work. Connie

  3. A reverse bucket list?

    I like the concept.