Monday, March 28

A Yard Sale Story

Our closets and cabinets are happier than they've been in a long time thanks to our first-ever yard sale!

Last weekend we joined up with our long-time friends Jason and Laura to clean out the extra stuff in our lives and hock it to other people. I highly recommend partnering with others because combining our things resulted in a pretty impressive inventory. They had tons of clothes, we had tons of books, etc. Joining forces also meant that we split the cost of signs and an ad in the paper - $30 total. And it's always good to have extra hands for setting out items, extra eyes to watch the money, and extra hagglers to handle the customers who want to fight for every penny. Jason and Laura are much more expedient bloggers than I am, so you can check out their yard sale post from almost a week ago by clicking here. Check out this extra-tasty little nugget showcasing their video skills:

I started to write that the hardest part of having a yard sale is pricing the items the night before, but we all know that separating out the proverbial wheat and chaff in your closet takes much more work. Fortunately, we had discussed this endeavor a couple months in advance, so we had a pretty sizeable collection when the time came. Still, the thought of making 50 cents off of a hidden treasure in the back of the top shelf of something sent me into a last-minute purging spree in every nook and cranny of our little house. Tip: watching a few episodes of TLC's Hoarders is a great way to make yourself feel ridiculous for holding onto a keychain someone gave you in fourth grade.

On Friday evening we packed my car to the gills (air vents?) and went to Laura and Jason's for dinner and a pricing party. (Anything's more fun if you think of it as a party!) Our collection filled their kitchen, dining area, and half of their living room! It was funny to hear what price each of us would ask for an item - it definitely showed what we care (and don't care) about! How the heck did we all accumulate so much stuff in just two years of marriage??

After each item had a price, it was time to put up street signs. At this point it was pretty late, so it felt like we were on some spontaneous adventure from our college days. Kind of funny that yard sale prep is now our idea of late-night shenanigans, huh?

Once all our signs were placed we were exhausted and Michael and I made our way home. After a too-short sleep, we got up and loaded the old blue truck with the two desks that didn't make it over the day before. When we got to Laura and Jason's it was a little after 7 am and they had already begun moving items to the driveway. It's a very good thing they had, because customers started showing up way before we were finished setting up. By eight o'clock (the official start time) we had already made around $30!

Several major roads connect to Laura and Jason's neighborhood and the weather was perfect, so we had a steady flow of traffic throughout the sale. Many wanted to haggle over prices and some bought things that I was sure would be headed for the thrift store at the end of the day. We certainly had plenty of stuff left at closing time, but considering the mass we started with we were all pleased. We loaded up the leftovers and Jason and Laura hauled them off to a local charity for donation.

How did we come out? Well, we met our most important goal, which was to rid our homes of lots of unnecessary clutter. Michael's goal was to make enough to cover the cost of the newspaper ad (he obviously didn't have very high hopes!), but the final tally was pretty exciting:

Team Baareman: $183    Team Vaughan: $104 
(after ad cost)

Here are a few more pictures to make you feel like you were there. : )

These fab chairs were for sitting, not for selling!

His tag: "Not for Sale." My tag: "Best Offer."  

Yard sale buddies!

Any seasoned yard salers out there? Any tips for next time? (Besides accumulating less stuff! : )

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