Monday, April 25

Easter Weekend Part One: 5K and Fun with the Inlaws

I'll start out with my usual warning that I'm behind on blogging. But instead of keeping things chronological I'm skipping ahead to the present day. Because no one wants to read (or write) about a holiday three weeks after it happened. And delaying fresh posts until I've finished ones that are already fuzzily fading into the past tends to exacerbate my procrastination. : ) So, Happy Easter! He is Risen!

We celebrated the resurrection with a very full weekend! We started things out with a visit from Michael's parents and a walk/run at the Arbor Day 5K. Since Michael was on call Friday night through Saturday morning he missed out on the run, but got there just in time to cheer for us at the awards ceremony. It was an early Saturday for me, but Doug and Karen had a three hour drive before picking me up! The race was at Pendleton King Park in Augusta - a big, pretty park that I've driven past dozens of times but never explored. It was the smallest race any of us had participated in, which made it pretty laid-back. There were a few obvious hot-shots, but the rest of us were just there for fun and exercise. Karen, Doug, and I hung pretty close together throughout the race and ran at least two-thirds of it. The last mile was a pretty brutal hill with rough terrain, so we felt good about that. The three of us finished in about 38 minutes, a little sweaty, but feeling great.

I was tempted to pretend that we each placed overall, but we actually just placed for our age groups. : ) This was pretty awesome, though - let's hear it for a small race! Each of the three races I've done in the past have turned out to be harder than I expected, so it was really nice to finish this one feeling confident, comfortable, and ready for my next run. Aside from a short practice jog last Wednesday, it was my first run in months and now I'm contemplating how to fit running into my schedule alongside P90X (which, I'm sad to say, I've barely done this week).

After the race we freshened up and then went to The Boll Weevil Cafe for a satisfying lunch. This place is a local favorite for its eclectic Southern fare and gigantic layer cakes. Michael and I have a policy of always ordering different entrees so we can sample more of the restaurant's menu, but this time we both got our mutual favorite, the Curious George - sweet, chewy bread piled high with turkey and topped with provolone cheese and spinach dip. It was delicious as always. But the real reason we go to Boll Weevil is for dessert. Since we couldn't narrow down to just one choice, we each ordered a different dessert, meaning that several pounds of sweets were delivered to our table at the same time! Our four picks were Seventh Heaven Cake, Carrot Cake, Cinnamon Cheesecake, and Death by Chocolate Cheesecake. Each was delicious, but I still claim my old favorite, Banana Chocolate Chip as the best. We were too busy enjoying our food to take pictures until we were finished, but here's a shot of our leftovers to give you an idea of the portion sizes. The full-size boxes are for single pieces of layer cake!

Next we stopped by The Augusta Market, which was just a block away from our restaurant. If you live in Augusta you really should check this out. It's not big, so you can't count on it for hours of entertainment, but it's a fun way to get outside and feel like part of the community. There are always interesting vendors with local produce, plants, jewelry, pottery, baked goods, and other foods. This time I bought some cilantro, parsley, and mint plants to round out my herb garden. After checking out the River Walk we headed home and took power naps before Karen and Doug headed back to Gainesville. It was so nice to spend the day together and share a little bit of our town with them. Next time hopefully they won't have to get up before 5 am!

After they were on their way we got busy preparing to host a fun Easter lunch for sweet church friends. Come back to see pictures of cute kids hunting eggs and to get the details on my favorite Easter recipes.

Hey Augusta natives - what are your favorite things to do around town? Where do you like to take guests for an afternoon out?

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