Wednesday, July 25

Back to Blogging: A Quick Recap

It's been a while since January.

Time has flown by so fast over the past six months that my blog hasn't been able to keep up! So I'm dedicating this post to commemorate one of the busiest, hardest, and most exciting chapters of my life.

Here it is in pictures:

Surprise from my sweet Valentine

Michael ran the Augusta Half Marathon with church buddies

Batman and Robin at Match Day festivities

2nd Annual Vaughan-Baareman Garage Sale

Offer accepted on the new house!

Lake weekend with college friends

Laura's baby shower

Saying goodbye to my fantastic coworkers at Doctors

MCG School of Medicine - Class of 2012

Dr. and Mrs. Vaughan

Good times with family - including Michael's parents

Parting with dear friends, (Dr.) Jason and Laura

Going away party with our Berea church family

Goodbye to the Trollingers, our beloved home group hosts


Moving day - packing up for Southaven, MS

Lucy Baareman was born! Skype only for now.

First day as Dr. Vaughan!

With others from Christ Community Health Services

 Lots of other great things have happened for us, like finding a great church, starting my new job, getting settled in our home, and meeting our neighbors. But more on most of that later...

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  1. I'm so glad you've posted. Really enjoyed the re-cap. Continue to pray for you and Michael.