Wednesday, September 19

Ruffled Burlap Table Runner

After sharing a tutorial for the pallet wall art in our living room, which I made from a few ideas I found on Pinterest, my plan was to write about some other recent Pinterest successes. But since I just followed someone else's instructions for this project, this isn't a tutorial. It's more like a thumbs-up for this lady's tutorial.

My new runner!

I pinned the image for this adorable table runner before we moved into our new house and then forgot about it.

The oh-so-pretty white and silver runner I got last Christmas from Z Gallerie just didn't look right with the creamy trim and earthy tones in our dining room, so it got banished to the closet. It'll probably make an appearance at Christmas when shiny things are a must. But for a while my table was looking pretty naked. And then I remembered the burlap.

My Z Gallerie runner.
Beautiful - but just not right for the space.

This is the biggest thing I've sewn so far. Really, it's the only thing I've sewn that isn't a burpcloth or a lopsided pillow case, but it only took me two evenings (probably about 4.5 hours) to finish. I was a little nervous about the ruffles. But I'll tell you something important for your future crafting knowledge: burlap is very forgiving.

I purchased the burlap about 3 months ago, so when I finally summoned the motivation to tackle this project I went for it. No delays for photos or blog notes. Just lots of measuring, cutting, pinning, and sewing. And since the lady who wrote this tutorial knows much more about sewing than I do, I just followed her steps.

Her pictures for measuring and cutting were really helpful and her instructions were easy to follow. But I will elaborate on a few things in case you are an inexperienced seamstress like me.

The first step that tripped me up a bit was attaching the ruffle to the body of the runner. She mentioned pressing it first and then sewing it on. But I couldn't figure a way to do that without making it more of a pleat than a ruffle. So I just pinned it the best I could (it takes a ton of pins to hold ruffled burlap!) and guided the fabric to the machine so the ruffles were somewhat evenly spaced. And it worked. No biggie. Since the burlap is loosely woven my sewing machine just skimmed over it without any hangups.

I didn't mean to turn under the ends of my ruffles
- it just kind of happened.

The most important thing I learned by experience was to be sure the final seam matches up the top and bottom fabric on the ends. For some reason, my 17-inch-wide pieces were slightly different lengths. Meaning that from the top everything looks great, but if you flip the runner over you can see the seam used to hold the ruffle to the top piece of fabric. I should have taken a little extra time to make the pieces even. I chose not to worry about it (who's going to look at the underside of my table runner?), but I would be a little more pleased with the project if it were neat on top and bottom.

The bottom - from far away it looks fine

But up close you can see my seams didn't all meet up

Here's the finished product:

The centerpiece will get a little more festive soon!

I like that it's still a little puffy rather than flat and thin.

Now for curtains to add some color...

So, what do you think? I love that this project only required one fabric, which was ridiculously cheap with a coupon. The whole thing cost less than $6! I love that it adds a little texture to a room that was previously all hard surfaces. And I especially love that it only took a few hours to complete. Thanks to Confessions of a Plate Addict for the great tutorial. It was a success!


  1. I am so happy that you liked the tutorial! Yours looks fabulous! It does add texture, doesn't it? I have just pulled mine out and put it on the table for fall and winter. Thanks so much for the shout out!...hugs...Debbie

  2. I'm OBSESSED with Burlap right now!!!! trying to make a burlap wreath. looks awesome!! I have never sewed on burlap....