Tuesday, July 9

It's a BOY!!! Our Silly String Gender Reveal

Last weekend my sweet coworkers, Lindsay and Lulu (technically also a Lindsay), gave us the most adorable, and exciting gender reveal party ever!

Me with the beautiful party planners
There were handmade decorations, delicious food, and tons of silly string. Here are some pictures to show off the party goodness:

They planned the food around my cravings:
pizza, egg rolls, fruit, chicken nuggets, and more

The most beautiful dessert table ever

Each guest chose pink or blue beads

An adorable mantel display featuring our baby pictures
and a lamb painting by Lindsay!

Color coordinating with my fellow dietitians

My dad - looking forward to a grandson!

Both sets of grandparents, Uncle Steven, and Tia Beta

Sweet baby gifts
We each picked a can of silly string knowing they'd all
spray the same color

It was so fun to have everyone involved!


Everyone who voted "girl"

Everyone who voted "boy" - the majority was right!
Here's a video of the big reveal!

It was a great day and a fun way to reveal the baby's gender. I'm so thankful for sweet friends and family who show us so much support!


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