Monday, November 25

Bright and Whimsical Woodland Nursery

The crib sheets are washed and the pictures are hung. THE NURSERY IS FINALLY FINISHED! This room has completely lived up to my expectations and I can't wait to share it with you!

Crib: Babies R Us, no longer listed

When planning our nursery I kept a few things in mind:
1. We want to keep this room as a nursery for future Vaughan babies instead of starting over next time. I needed something that I wouldn't get tired of and that could easily be converted into a girl's room in the future.
2. I wanted to strike a balance between whimsical and sophisticated. Nothing too stuffy or cartoony.
3. I wanted fun colors rather than the traditional baby blue or neutrals. This room will spend most of its life in chaos rather than serenity - might as well embrace it!

I bought this frame from a local artisan for dirt cheap!

A long time ago I pinned a link to this adorable woodland mobile on Pinterest. The animals were the perfect blend of cute and cool, and I felt like they could work for a boy or a girl. I wanted to incorporate the woodland theme without having it plastered on everything, so I mostly limited it to accents and artwork.

The color in this photo is way off. See the first pic in
this post for more accurate paint color.

I was having a hard time picking the right colors when I rediscovered another Pinterest jewel. I used it as a guideline for the colors of everything in the room, although I got a little loose with this since the exact colors are basically impossible to find. I didn't want to leave the room the same builder's blah as the rest of the house, but I thought it would look weird to have only one room painted a bright color, so I compromised by painting an accent wall and the inside of the closet. This nursery might be a little loud altogether, but I'm really glad I chose fun, unexpected colors.

Baskets: Home Goods and Joann
Squirrel Toy: Zulily
Lamp: Gordmans
Shelf: our own

My motto for decorating: why buy something ready-made when you can toil away for weeks on it and still spend almost as much?! But really, I do like making things to my own specifications and it definitely paid off in this room. Even if I have lost a little sleep over it.

The mobile. My mom worked her magic to make even cuter versions of the felt animals in mobiles I'd pinned. For a woodsy look I hung them from a sturdy grapevine wreath (remove any pieces that could possibly fall off first!) with thread. Michael strung the whole thing up with fishing line to a hook in the ceiling.

The crib skirt. Baby bedding is seriously expensive and the color selection is limited. I knew I wouldn't use bumper pads, pillows, or quilts that came in a standard set, so I chose to make my own crib skirt and use a neutral sheet. I followed the basic instructions in these tutorials, but fancied things up a little by adding an accent fabric and quilt binding. Heat N' Bond is my new favorite craft supply!
"The Easiest DIY Crib Skirt Ever" at Variety by Vashti:
"How to Make a Crib Skirt" from Young House Love:
*Note: I recommend hand sewing ties onto the crib skirt rather than just using Heat N' Bond. Some of my ties have started coming off, hence the rumpliness at the corner.

The book shelves. Ikea spice racks are popping up all over Pinterest in the form of low-profile bookshelves, and for good reason. At just $3.99 each, these babies are a steal if you can get your hands on them. Ikea doesn't ship them, but Michael's parents were sweet enough to bring us some from Atlanta. This was one of the easiest and most satisfying projects I've ever done! All we did was spray paint them a deep purple and attach them to the wall. I especially love that he'll be able to reach the bottom shelf easily once he starts crawling.

The verse. After hours of searching the internet we couldn't find the original image for the verse art I had pinned, so I traced the letters onto canvas using carbon paper and painted them in. Thanks to my friend Amanda for the idea! The method is the same as what I used for my pallet wall art, only I used cheap acrylic craft paint. It was time consuming work, but I think the result is fantastic!

The name letters.
I initially set out to make awesome textured letters like these using woodland themed materials (sand, moss, feathers, etc.), but the frames and letters I could find were small enough that I worried they would look sloppy if covered. So I kept things simple and used cork scrapbook paper (who knew they made this?) as backing and just painted the letters a deep purple. Craft glue holds it all together. I kind of wish I'd gone with a brighter color, but it's growing on me.

The closet. This room is not large, so I decided to use the closet as a changing area. The original plan was to leave the closet open, so after we took off the doors we painted it the same color as the accent wall. My sweet husband made shelves for organization bins and we stashed some diapers underneath those. No matter how I arranged the hanging clothes and bins, the closet always looked a little cluttered. So we added curtains using a basic tension rod and a small hook for stability. I didn't love them at first, but now I think they kind of make the room! I love the soft flowiness they give and we can easily tuck them behind the door frame on curtain hooks. We'll probably leave them open as much as possible for quick access to the changing pad, but it's nice to be able to close them for a tidier look.

The best pic I could get of Michael's custom closet shelves
Bins: JoAnn

Dresser: our own

Other handmade items. I'm certainly not the only one who's been crafting for this sweet baby boy. 

The beautiful quilt on the crib was custom made by Michael's mom. I absolutely love the pinwheel pattern and that it's not super babyish. It'll be used for years to come.

The adorable ottoman was made by my sweet friend Amanda out of an old table and foam. She's so creative! I love the fun woodland fabric. Without this ottoman our rocking chair would be just about useless. It takes some serious momentum to get it going!

The sweet woodland quilt (folded in the picture) was made by our friend Ms. Connie, who can embroider and applique like nobody's business! This blanket is so soft and I love that it's lightweight enough to carry around. 

Thanks so much to everyone who gave us gifts, gift cards, and money to make this room come together!

It feels so good to be completely done! Even though the baby will be sleeping in our room for a while, having the nursery finished makes me feel like I'm ready to bring him home. At least once I finish cleaning my baseboards, reorganizing my cabinets, and freezer cooking! You might say I'm nesting a little. : )

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